Energy Saving Tips for business

Top Five Energy Saving Tips for Business…

11th May 2021 By

Whether your business operates with a handful of staff from a small office or you employ a huge workforce over multiple sites, being aware of how you’re using energy is vital, especially when you are looking to save money on your business electricity and gas bills, as many businesses are at the moment!

So, how exactly can your business start save money right now and how can you be more conscious about your energy habits?

Have a read through our top five energy-saving tips below to find out…

#1 – Switch appliances off completely:

Do you leave appliances on standby rather than switching them off completely? We’ve all done it, whether by accident or on purpose, but, when appliances are left on standby, they’re still using energy. if you’re not even using the appliance, then you are essentially wasting energy and money, money you could be using on your business.  

#2 – Be mindful of water use:

Investing in water-efficient equipment within your company is an obvious step towards reducing your consumption. Having these in place can almost halve the amount of water coming from a tp and can more than half the amount of water used to flush a toilet – down from eight litres to four!

#3 – Turn off lights when not in use or fit movement sensors 

Simply advising staff to turn off lights when they leave an empty room or when leaving at the end of the day makes all the difference. Many businesses also opt to install light sensors in areas like storerooms and toilets because they are places where people aren’t going to be all day.  

#4 – Encourage all staff to be energy-aware:

Decreasing our energy usage is something we all need to think about in the short and long term. Not only does this help reduce the harmful effects of high energy consumption in our world, but it’s also cost-effective to be mindful of what you’re spending and where.  

#5 – Draught-proof your building:

If you work on ensuring your premises are well insulated, then there will be less need for expensive heating costs. Draught-proofing doors and windows is a cheap but effective way to cut energy bills as it limits the amount of heat that can escape and stops cold air from getting in. Making simple changes like these and taking time to inspect your premises to see if there are any gaps or cracks where draughts could come through will make all the difference and it will be reflected in your monthly energy bills.  

As you can see, you could be saving so much money per month and be putting that back into your business. If you want to do a little more for the environment, it’s worth considering a green energy deal or even putting your own renewable energy technology in place.
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