Energy and Water

Now you can reduce your energy and water costs with Matrix Connect.

You have found the best possible mobile phone package for your business. Reduced the costs of your cloud solution and broadband, what’s the next large expense that can be trimmed?


Gas and electricity are often forgotten because they are just there. Unlike a mobile phone, laptop or tablet you don’t have to go to a shop to purchase them.

As long as you keep paying the bill the lights stay lit, the heating works and the laptops are charged.

That’s why it is so easy to keep paying the same supplier, year after year without considering how much you could be saving.

Matrix Connect is an energy broker partner with over 30 energy suppliers including the big six (British Gas, EDF Energy, E. ON, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE). We can help you to spend less on your energy bills, often considerably less.

If like most of us, you pay your energy bill by direct debit, you probably never even wonder if you are getting as good a deal as you might.

If you are out of contract you will often be paying premium rates that could be costing you hundreds if not thousands of pounds a year.

As an energy broker partner, we can save you money on your energy costs.

If you are out of contract and paying premium rates you could expect to save up to 60% on what you are currently paying.

By matching your usage with a new competitive rate we really can save you up to 60%.

Even if you are still in contract with your existing supplier and haven’t yet moved on to there premium rate, we are confident that we could still save you up to 30% on the amount you are currently paying.

Additionally, we can offer green energy options and can secure pricing up to six months prior to your renewal dates. When the time comes you can seamlessly switch and start enjoying discounted rates.

What do you have to do and how much does this service cost?

Nothing. Literally nothing.

All we need is your current energy usage, which should be on your most recent bill and we’ll handle everything.

We search the market to find the best deal based on your current usage, sign you up and contact your existing supplier to arrange the transfer of your account.

We work for free with the leading energy supplier to get you the very best deal on your gas and electricity.

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