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Apple iPad 2020 – A little change makes a big difference…

29th September 2020 By 1 Comment

The Apple iPad is ten years old, and the US technology giant has sold a not-insignificant 500 million of the handheld devices during the decade!

In its tenth year, the newly rebooted iPad has been given a faster processor and a lower starting price than we’ve become used to over the years. For 2020 the iPad range continues to hold court over the rest of the tablet market and is easily the best value for money now that there’s a refreshed entry-level model which gets a significant boost to its performance.

If you’re thinking the new iPad looks pretty similar to last year’s model then you’re certainly not wrong. The 2020 design is identical to its predecessor which means you get that classic iPad styling with a chunky forehead and thick chin housing the ever-reliable Touch ID fingerprint scanner which continues to unlock the screen in a flash.

The one thing that initially hits you with the new iPad is that is it starting to look a little dated! Ten years would have been a good milestone to give it a little remodel and make it look suitable for 2020, but that is where the negativity ends. There is certainly nothing physically wrong with the styling of the device and Apple has sold enough of these gadgets throughout the decade to prove that consumers clearly aren’t worried about its looks but a few subtle changes would have been a nice touch.

The look isn’t the only similarity from last year as the new model keeps the same 10.2-inch Retina display, 8-megapixel rear camera and 1.2-megapixel FaceTime HD front-facing camera.

However, although all of those features remain the same, there is one very big upgrade to the 2020 iPad which gives a serious boost, that’s because it now features the A12 Bionic chip. In layman’s terms that means the updated tablet is now 40% faster than its predecessor with 2X faster graphics performance. That’s a big difference and means it can cope far better with your daily digital life than it predecessors. That extra oomph helps it keep pace with the latest apps and games which continue to get ever more hungry for memory. Browsing the web, checking emails and streaming movies also feels silky smooth and we can’t honestly imagine anything it won’t cope with.

Together with the extra processer boost, the iPad 2020 has very decent battery life. You can watch around seven hours of movies, with the screen on full brightness, but dim the lighting and you can stretch that out to ten, more than long enough to entertain you on a long haul flight. When the power does eventually run out, it’s a pleasant surprise that the new iPad, comes with a charger ready to go in the box, unlike its sister product the new Apple Watch which ships without a power adapter. All new 2020 iPads come complete with one of the new power bricks that features USB-C to Lightning and also includes the pop-up pins making it easier for travel purposes.

One final thing to note is that Apple hasn’t upped the internal storage which means the £329 model only comes with a measly 32GB of memory. That won’t be much use for those wanting to store endless movies and music on their device and to add more it will cost you. The 128GB iPad costs £429 but is definitely worth considering if you’re a power user.

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