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“Why should I switch my business utility provider?”

20th February 2021 By 0 Comments

If, as a business owner, this is a question you find yourself asking, then we are here to help. Like many businesses across the UK you could be paying an excessive amount on utilities, but with Matrix Connect, we can ensure your energy bills are reduced with no disruption to your organisation.  If you’re still not convinced here are some questions we are frequently asked by clients before they take the step of switching providers…

  • “My organization hasn’t switched over, why should I?”

To put it simply, power costs have fallen. Covid-19 has damaged the energy market, as it has with many other industries. The lowered need from businesses has actually triggered cost drops, which spells great news for our energy customers. That suggests that for the foreseeable future rates will fall, why would you not switch to take advantage of the deals that will be on offer?

  • “What is the length of time it takes to switch over business energy providers?”

Changing business energy providers can, on average take between four to 6 weeks. Companies still in contract with another supplier may come across much longer wait times, similarly, switchers can experience much quicker times if they are out of contract.

  • “What tariff is best for my company?”

The tariff depends on your businesses specific needs –  Longer contracts have a lot of advantages, the main being cost, locking in great energy options for up to 5 years. Shorter agreements provide your business flexibility to revisit the issue over shorter periods of time.

  • “What takes place after I switch vendors?”

Firstly, a massive congratulations on making a fantastic decision to change to a much better energy offer using our services. Switching power options may be a challenging experience for your business and you may not know what to anticipate, but you can be assured that we’ve got you covered! 

  • “Do I have to contact my old vendor to tell them I have changed?”

You do not require to call your old vendor. We have all this in hand and we will inform both your brand-new provider and also old provider when the switchover is set to occur, guaranteeing you receive no departure costs or unnecessary problems.

  • “What happens if I don’t change when my business utilities contract ends?”

When your agreement ends your service will usually be switched over to the vendors out of contract prices. Normally much more than contracted prices, you can see increases of over 40%. Suppliers rarely suggest that you alter this situation as this is beneficial for them and they reap the rewards of the bills that you end up paying.

Business energy as a whole can be a bit of a maze to navigate,  however with the help of our friendly, experienced team, at Matrix Connect we can help your organization lock-in amazing solutions, giving your company the budget safety it needs in these unprecedented times.

Get in touch with us on info@matrix-connect.co.uk or 01622 826826 and we can set the wheels in motion for your money-saving, energy provider switching journey.

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